T35128KW 8kg 1200 rpm B Energy Washing Machine
T35128KW 8kg 1200 rpm B Energy Washing Machine
T35128KW 8kg 1200 rpm B Energy Washing Machine
T35128KW 8kg 1200 rpm B Energy Washing Machine
T35128KW 8kg 1200 rpm B Energy Washing Machine
T35128KW 8kg 1200 rpm B Energy Washing Machine
T35128KW 8kg 1200 rpm B Energy Washing Machine

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T35128KW 8kg 1200 rpm B Energy Washing Machine

Product Description        

  • 8KG 1200 Rpm Inverter Washing machine


  • 8Kg Capacity
  • Inverter BLDC Motor Type
  • 1200 Maximum Spin Speed (rpm)
  • B Energy efficiency rating
  • Intelligent Program
  • Add Garment
  • 15-Minute Quick Wash   
  • 170 ° Door open angle
  • Instant Door lock


16 Programs                      

  • Smart
  • Cotton
  • Mix
  • Wooden
  • Silk
  • Underwear
  • Down Wear
  • Bedding
  • Drum Clean
  • Spin
  • Rinse & Spin
  • Stain
  • Steam
  • 20℃
  • Quick 15’
  • ECO 40-60


Intelligent Program                     

  • Intelligently detects the clothing difference and selects the washing time accordingly so as to save the washing time electricity and water.

Add Garment            

  • You can execute this operation to add garments during the washing procedure. The machine will suspend the wash procedure and unlock the front door automatically.

Delay start.           

    • With the Delayed Start function, the start-up of the program may be delayed up to 24 hours. Delayed start time can be increased by increments of 1 hour.      

    15-Minute Quick Wash              

    • Shorten the washing time for lighter clothes and lightly soiled clothes for energy saving.

    Child Lock               

    • It can prevent children from pressing buttons or interrupting operations.

    Inverter BLDC Motor      

    • Low power, low noise, great speed performance, and longer lasting.

    Technical Spec

    • Single Water Inlet
    • 90°C Max water temp
    • 2m Length inlet pipe
    • 5m Length of drain pipe (from ground level)
    • 300mm porthole
    • 480mm Inner cylinder diameter
    • 320mm Inner cylinder depth
    • 430mm door dimensions

    Dimensions & Weights

    • Dimension (w*h*d in mm)* 600*540*840
    • Packing dimension/ mm 650*600*870
    • Net weight/kg                 62kg
    • Gross weight /kg 63kg

    Useful Information

    • Model Number T35128KW
    • EAN Code  5391503418443
    • User Manual Download


    Benefits of an Inverter Motor -

    There are several benefits of using a brushless inverter motor in a washing machine:

    Energy efficiency: Inverter motors are more energy efficient than other types of motors, such as AC induction motors, due to their low copper losses and high power factor. This can result in reduced energy consumption and lower operating costs.

    Increased lifespan: Inverter motors have a longer lifespan than other types of motors because they do not have any brushes, which are prone to wear and tear. This can result in reduced maintenance costs and longer periods of operation without interruption.

    High power density: Inverter motors have a high power density, which means that they can deliver a high output power relative to their size. This makes them ideal for use in small and compact appliances, such as washing machines.

    Good speed control: Inverter motors have good speed control characteristics, which means that they can be easily controlled to run at a specific speed. This can be useful for washing machines, as different wash cycles often require different speeds.

    Low noise and vibration: Inverter motors have low noise and vibration levels, which can make for a more pleasant washing experience.

    Overall, the use of an inverter motor in a washing machine can result in improved energy efficiency, increased lifespan, high power density, good speed control, and low noise and vibration.