T35106KW 6kg Washing Machine
T35106KW 6kg Washing Machine
T35106KW 6kg Washing Machine
T35106KW 6kg Washing Machine

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T35106KW 6kg Washing Machine

This fantastic new washing machine is packed with great features and with its 6kg drum is ideally suited for the smaller household. 

Intelligently it detects the clothing difference and selects the washing time accordingly so as to reduce the washing time, electricity, and water usage.

You can add garments during the washing cycle, the machine will suspend the wash and unlock the front door automatically to allow you to add more clothes.

With the Delayed Start function, the program's start-up may be delayed to allow the machine to switch on during periods in the day when electricity is less expensive. Delayed start time can be increased by increments of 1 hour.

15-Minute Quick Wash. A very Short washing time for lightly soiled clothes and save energy.

A Child Lock feature that prevents children from accidentally pressing buttons and altering the cycle of the wash.

Number of Programs 16
Down Wear
Drum Clean
Quick 15’
ECO 40-60


Energy efficiency rating E
Single Water Inlet
170 deg Door open angle

Door lock 
Max water temp /°C 90°C
Length of inlet pipe/m 1.5m
Length of drain pipe 0.8m
Porthole size 300
Product Color (WM) White

Capacity (kg) 6kg
Maximum Spin Speed (rpm) 1000

Rated power/W 1950w
Voltage/Frequency* 220V-240V/50Hz

Dimension (w*h*d in mm)* 600*450*840
Packing dimension/ mm(carton) 660*530*880
Gross weight /kg 54kg

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T35106KW 6kg Washer

EAN: 5391503417705