T24EMDBL Thor Black Fan Oven
T24EMDBL Thor Black Fan Oven
T24EMDBL Thor Black Fan Oven

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T24EMDBL Thor Black Fan Oven

Product Overview

Make your dream recipe a reality with this Black Glass built-in electric single full fan oven from Thor. Because it’s multifunctional, you’ll have a range of exciting cooking options to explore, so you can master every mealtime. Getting started couldn’t be simpler – the analog display and rotary dials make it easy to tweak the settings when you need to. Plus, it’s a breeze to keep clean, thanks to its grease-proof enamel interior that’ll be left spotless with just a quick wipe. This appliance is designed to fit at eye level or under a worktop.

Key Features

  • Multifunctional oven - gives you more ways to cook
  • Convection heating: A fan with a ring heating element on the back of the
    oven ensures that the heated air is distributed evenly.
    You can bake cakes, pizza, biscuits, small cakes, and puff pastry on two
    levels at the same time.
  • Single grill with a fan: The fan distributes the heated air around the food. Hot air grilling is particularly suitable for grilling fish, poultry, and larger pieces of meat.
  • Eco: Energy-saving cooking mode where the fan distributes the heated air around the food that is emitted from the top and rear heating elements. Best suited for small amounts of food that are best cooked gently; baked meat dishes, vegetables, frozen pizza, and biscuits. 
  • Single grill: Part of the area below the grill heating element becomes hot.
    The inner grill element is on and can be used to grill a small number of burgers, sausages fish, or bread.
  • Clear analog display with easy-to-use rotary dials
  • The grease-proof enamel coating makes oven cleaning easy

Technical Spec

  • Energy Consumption (kWh)        0.79
  • Power Rating Overall      2100W 

Dimensions & weights

  • Dimensions (Height x Width x Depth in cm) 595*595*575     
  • Recess Dimensions 560*600*570     
  • Carton Dimensions 621*688*670
  • Weight (Kg) 32

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