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Model No: T35105V2W
EAN: 5391503415213



Spin Speed (rpm)             1000

Drum volume (lt)              42

Max dry load capacity (kg)           5

User Interface   F1A

Motor type         Universal

Eco-Logic system             

Foam protection             

Unbalance control system           

Overflow protection      

Control system Electronic

Failure detection system             

Child lock            

Delay time adjustment via button            

LED (Indicator) 

Water inlet         Cold

Door lock type   PTC

Programmes (NEW REGULATION)           

Number of programmes on program knob            15

Cotton 90°C       

Cotton Prewash

Cotton 60°C       

Eco 40-60            

Cotton 20°C       





Hand wash/Delicate      

Colours 40°C      


Blouses / Shirts

Fast 60°C 60'      

Rapid 15 min     


Wide opening door        

Diameter for porthole    30 cm

Door Diameter  44 cm

Pump with filter               

Drum Material   Stainless steel

Tub Material      Polypropylene

Number of compartments in dispenser  3

Removable top cover    

Adjustable feet


Program Duration [min] Eco 40-60 (full load) (NEW REGULATION)             03:00

Program Duration [min] Eco 40-60 (half load) (NEW REGULATION)            02:29

Program Duration [min] Eco 40-60 (quarter load) (NEW REGULATION)     02:20

Energy efficiency (NEW REGULATION)    D

Washing efficiency (1061/2010) A

Spinning efficiency (1061/2010) C

Power, consumption, voltage, noise       

Voltage  V/ Frequency (Hz)          220-240V/50 Hz

Electrical current (A)       10

Power rating (W)              2100

Water consumption (L) (NEW REGULATION)        41

Energy consumption for 100 cycle (kWh) (NEW REGULATION)     60

Noise (washing) (dB) (1061/2010)              58

Noise (spinning) (dB) (1061/2010)             76

Noise Emission Class (spinning) (NEW REGULATION)        B

Dimensions and weight

Unpacked dimensions (HxWxD) (cm)      84,5x59,7x49,7

Packed dimensions (shrink) (HxWxD) (cm)            88,1x64,1x54,7

Packed dimensions (carton) (HxWxD) (cm)           89x65,5x57,1

Net weight (kg) 54.4

Gross weight  (kg) (Shrink packaging)       55.7

Gross weight  (kg) (Carton packaging)      57.4

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